Trust The Journey

F%$k corporate cannabis, that’s not us. We had to fight for our existence from the first moment we decided to pursue an MMTC license, and after years of litigation with the state, we were finally cleared for take off and able to spread our wings. We’re all consumers, and that familiarity with the plant, the community and the struggle over the years is close to our hearts. we also understand the culture and appreciate the need for transparency in this industry.

Set Your Intentions

For a long time, while collecting scar tissue, a silver lining emerged – we were afforded the time to think and plan on how to become a superior provider in the state of Florida. Stronger, wiser and more motivated then ever we decided to make our vision a reality – a vision that twist and turned and was finally shaped to be this:
To be the leading provider of the Highest Quality of Cannabis and Brands in the State of Florida
To infuse Creativity, Innovation and Positivity into an exceptional brand grounded by the true culture of the industry and the Florida lifestyle.
To form deep and lasting bonds with our customers by treating them with respect and transparency, like we treat our friends and family and by doing that, ultimately deliver an overall outstanding customer experience.


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