MoonRocks End Game

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Elevate your senses to cosmic heights with Space Buds Moon Rocks by Veterans Choice Creations. Comprised of our premier Endgame hybrid strain, these moon rocks combine flower, hash rosin, THCA, kief, and bubble hash for an unparalleled experience. Expertly grown by SEGA Farms and bred by Ethos Genetics, this product epitomizes quality and potency.

Endgame Moon Rocks offer a balanced and potent experience, designed to deliver a multi-faceted high. Each component adds its own layer of complexity and depth, making for a truly unique cannabis journey.

The Endgame blend features a rich terpene profile led by primary terpenes like R-limonene and alpha-pinene, contributing to a unique and nuanced experience.

How to Consume

Smoking: Break the Moon Rocks into smaller pieces and mix with your regular cannabis flower in a pipe or rolling paper.

Vaping: Use a vaporizer designed to handle concentrates. Place a small amount of Moon Rocks into the chamber and vape at a low temperature.

Recommended Dosage

Beginners: Start with a piece about the size of a BB pellet (~0.1 grams). Wait 30-60 minutes before considering additional consumption.

Experienced Users: A pea-sized piece (~0.2 to 0.3 grams) should suffice. Again, wait 30-60 minutes to assess effects.





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